Emerging Technologies to Keep Your Eye On

Emerging Technologies to Keep Your Eye On

It is an exciting time to be alive, technology has evolved more in the last 100 years than in all the previous years combined.  2016 has been no different, technologies are emerging that will change the way we live in a radical way yet again.  There are plenty of gadgets on the market now to excite any geek but what is coming down the pipeline promises to be even better.  Here are some emerging technologies to keep your eye on.


Right now when we hop into our cars and drive to work, we manually control almost every aspect of the car.  We speed up, slow down, and steer and all of it is second nature to us.  All of that will soon change, the self driving car has been in the works for years now and it is no longer just found in the pages of a science fiction novel.  In fact Elon Musk, the modern day Ironman and his company Tesla have already built such a beast.  They already have a self driving model of a Tesla.  While not quite mainstream yet it certainly won’t be long. Here is a video demonstration of the self driving car.


Gaming has been one of the fields where emerging technologies have always shined, we’ve come a long way since Pong.  Graphics and gaming systems have gotten better and better over the years and 2016 brings yet another gaming innovation with the launch of Playstation VR.  While Oculus Rift first burst on the scene back in 2013 it was hailed as the first VR headset, the technology has gotten better.   VR offers an endless array of possibilities beyond gaming and the sensations are so realistic that they generate real life sensations, the potential in the field of education alone is enormous.


If you’re a fan of Star Trek then you’re familiar with the idea of walking into a room and saying “lights on”, not to mention telling your shower the perfect temperature you want your water.  We’re not that far away from that being a reality.  There are plenty of companies that are looking into ways that you can voice activate lights and fans.  Voice search has become a huge priority at Google and other search engines.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is still a big part of any business’s ability to market it.  For example, dental SEO can provide big business for dentists online.  At the moment your smartphone is one of the few devices that are voice activated.  You can change music, make calls and with virtual assistants like Siri you can do a whole lot more.  We have now reached the stage where language translations can happen in real time.

These are just some of the emerging technologies to keep your eye on, all of these and more promise to change our world.

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