Tech Business News for October 2016

Here are the highlights of tech business news for October 2016. Here is a breakdown all the cool stuff happening in the technology industry.

  1. AT&T is buying out Time Warner for a bazillion dollars and now the telecom giant will own a bunch of cable networks like HBO, CNN, TNT and a bunch of other media properties. They announced the sale on Saturday night and AT&T claims that this will allow them to stream content from Time Warner across devices on the AT&T network.
  2. Google outshines Apple yet again. The Pixel launched recently and received some pretty good reviews and the digital assistant aptly named Google Assistant performs far better than Siri across the board.  This wouldn’t be a big deal except Apple has had years to make Siri better than it is.
  3. Samsung still hasn’t figured out why the Galaxy Note 7 keeps exploding.  There have been dozens of cases of the phone overheating, catching fire and exploding.  Samsung first tried to minimize the damage by issuing a recall of more than 2 million phones, then it finally had to say uncle and discontinue the whole phone.  Also, Samsung has moved hard into the smartwatch with products like the waterproof Gear S3.
  4. Airbnb got slapped in the face by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo as he signed a bill banning rentals for less than 30 days for multi unit buildings where the tenant is not present.  Multiunit buildings are every building in Manhattan, so that essentially takes the Manhattan market of the table for apartment owners and tenants looking to make some cash with Airbnb.
  5. In the UK a team of researchers have created an artificial intelligence program that successfully predicts the outcome of court cases.  It has correctly predicted the outcome of 79% of 584 cases from the European Court of Human Rights.
  6. Uber is trying to increase ridership in Mexico by launching it’s own debit card.  Partnering with Mastercard and the online bank Bankaool, Uber will launch its own branded Mastercard.  Card providers in Mexico don’t let providers use their debit cards to make online payments.  Customers signing up for the new card can get their first ride free, valued up $100.
  7. Hoverboards are safe now!  With the UL 2272 certification, we know a hoverboard won’t catch fire or explode!
  8. Snapchat, which now claims to be a camera company with the launch of its camera-glasses is heading in a new direction.  Towards television.  The social network wants to add to its online service with some original video programming.  The parent company Snap Inc is now trying to hire development managers for original shows ranging from breaking news to reality shows.

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